anyeong all. so this is me new admin. (will update bout my self soon)

like alots of us know the most popular style now is ULZZANG and GYARU maybe some of you dont know which one is Ulzzang and which one is Gyaru because there look a bit same. so today I will tell you the different between both of it. and maybe it will be a guide for you to be one of them


lets start with ULZZANG!

  • ulzzang have a natural look makeup
  • natural colour circle lens such as brown and black but tomboy use blue
  • have a pretty look a bit cute
  • not to dramatics makeup and just use a natural eyelashes and not all use bottom lashes
  • always use liptint for lips or natural lipstick
  • have a small face and V-shape face.

a simple makeup tips. use a brown colour over eyelid or natural eyelid colour.draw a out of v winged eyeliner to make eye look more bigger. use a natural blushers such as minimal orange. a void from use bronze colour, use a liptint dot some in lips or use a natural pink or berry colour to lips.contouring face and nose.


now for GYARU.

  • most gyaru were look so cute
  • hava a dramatics eyeslashes some of them like to overlaping eyelashes too heavy and alway remember too put bottom lashes.
  • love to put some ribbon ecessories too hair
  • pink such a good cheeks best frien cuz never forget to smudgh that colour lol
  • pink or red lips.
  • dressy and girly style.

some tips for gyaru makeup.

always remembers to put upper and bottom lashes not be forgotten also circle lens in brown colour.use verry baby pink blush. have a brown eyebrow. pink lipstick for minimal eye makeup and red lips for heavy makeup.


thats all. enjoy reading and hope it will be your guided and wait for my tutorials on this blog. so love from me xoxoxo


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