So today im gonna do a tutorial how to get V-shape with SMALL STONE! so alot of you kniw thats V-shape face is one ulzzang Shape face. A lot of ulzzang use surgery but i pretend to just do with stone. So lets get started


So all you need just SMALL STONE you can get it from river but mine was from pet shop,  Actualy it for my fish tehee~ you need two stone and COLD WATER.


This how my cold water look. Heyy say hye to my friend Miss Rainbow and Chubby Bunny, tehee~~ ok continue. I prefer you do this during showering and ofcourse at the bathroom. Why? Urmm i dont know,  maybe cuz i do that,  tehee~ . Now for the step



Put your stone into the cup. Make sure the water were still cold. #rainbow and bunny get out of my post please –”



Next cover it with anything such as handkerchief.this will help your water still cold once your take a bath. Then take a bath first. Playing with the bubblepop tehee~



After showering. Get stone out of your cup. Brrrrr~ its so cold.  But just relax and follow the arrow in the photo okayy!



Still follow the arrow. Sorry for low quality light and camera huuuh–”

So i think thats all. But if you want to have more step for a small face to you cant visit this youtube link okay soo FOGHTING and wait for more tutorial 🙂

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