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Elsa Kim~


So today im gonna do a tutorial how to get V-shape with SMALL STONE! so alot of you kniw thats V-shape face is one ulzzang Shape face. A lot of ulzzang use surgery but i pretend to just do with stone. So lets get started


So all you need just SMALL STONE you can get it from river but mine was from pet shop,  Actualy it for my fish tehee~ you need two stone and COLD WATER.


This how my cold water look. Heyy say hye to my friend Miss Rainbow and Chubby Bunny, tehee~~ ok continue. I prefer you do this during showering and ofcourse at the bathroom. Why? Urmm i dont know,  maybe cuz i do that,  tehee~ . Now for the step



Put your stone into the cup. Make sure the water were still cold. #rainbow and bunny get out of my post please –”



Next cover it with anything such as handkerchief.this will help your water still cold once your take a bath. Then take a bath first. Playing with the bubblepop tehee~



After showering. Get stone out of your cup. Brrrrr~ its so cold.  But just relax and follow the arrow in the photo okayy!



Still follow the arrow. Sorry for low quality light and camera huuuh–”

So i think thats all. But if you want to have more step for a small face to you cant visit this youtube link http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OkPkPM5QpmQ&feature=youtube_gdata_player okay soo FOGHTING and wait for more tutorial 🙂


anyeong all. so this is me new admin. (will update bout my self soon)

like alots of us know the most popular style now is ULZZANG and GYARU maybe some of you dont know which one is Ulzzang and which one is Gyaru because there look a bit same. so today I will tell you the different between both of it. and maybe it will be a guide for you to be one of them


lets start with ULZZANG!

  • ulzzang have a natural look makeup
  • natural colour circle lens such as brown and black but tomboy use blue
  • have a pretty look a bit cute
  • not to dramatics makeup and just use a natural eyelashes and not all use bottom lashes
  • always use liptint for lips or natural lipstick
  • have a small face and V-shape face.

a simple makeup tips. use a brown colour over eyelid or natural eyelid colour.draw a out of v winged eyeliner to make eye look more bigger. use a natural blushers such as minimal orange. a void from use bronze colour, use a liptint dot some in lips or use a natural pink or berry colour to lips.contouring face and nose.


now for GYARU.

  • most gyaru were look so cute
  • hava a dramatics eyeslashes some of them like to overlaping eyelashes too heavy and alway remember too put bottom lashes.
  • love to put some ribbon ecessories too hair
  • pink such a good cheeks best frien cuz never forget to smudgh that colour lol
  • pink or red lips.
  • dressy and girly style.

some tips for gyaru makeup.

always remembers to put upper and bottom lashes not be forgotten also circle lens in brown colour.use verry baby pink blush. have a brown eyebrow. pink lipstick for minimal eye makeup and red lips for heavy makeup.


thats all. enjoy reading and hope it will be your guided and wait for my tutorials on this blog. so love from me xoxoxo


[Ulzzang Zone] Ulzzang Conest Season #6

Hi guys! Ulzzang Contest was reopened again ^^

So, i’ll give you a chance to join this contest again ^^ Then, here’s the participants!!

How to Vote:

1. Choose who you like most.

2. Then, vote to people below this post.


1. Rafka

Nama : Rafka Pratama Putra
Tanggal Lahir : 01 January 1995
Umur : 17 year old
Kota : Jakarta
2. Clarissa

Name : Clarissa Audia Putri
Born : 26 Februari 1995
Age : 17
City : Sukabumi

Link facebook, twitter, blog :



Instagram : clarteprincesse






3. Meithasya

Full Name : Meithasya Tan
Nick Name : Mei,Thasya,cha,meitatut,sya,puepue,etc~
Korean Name : Kim Yun Mi
Age : 13 y.o
born : at Semarang,Central Java,Indonesia May 8th 1999
Stay : at Bumi Serpong Damai,Tangerang,Banten,Indonesia
sHio : Rabbit
Zodiac : Taurus girl
Blood Type : O
YM : metamhor

Twitter : @metasyalala
Facebook : Meithasya Tan ( http://www.facebook.com/meichapue )
Skype : metasyalala
4. Tania
Name : Tania Ghina Puspita

Born : 24 Januari 1996
Age : 16 tahun
City : Purwokerto,Jawa Tengah
Link facebook, twitter, blog : Facebook = Tania Ghina Puspita
  Twitter = @TaniaGhinaa
2012-11-24 18.41.19_副本
2012-11-24 18.50.21_副本
2012-11-24 18.51.21_副本
5. Stepfanny
Name : Stepffani AuBrey Kira
Born: 27 September 1995 :D tersenyum lebar
Age : 17 tahun :D tersenyum lebar
City : Pontianak :D tersenyum lebar
Vote below :

The Winner Of Ulzzang Contest Season #4

the winner season 4 kece lhoo.. unyu”.. cantik.. imutt lagiii..

#respon Ciyusss?? Enelan?? Miapaaa?? #plakkk ><

ahaha, langsung ajaa yaa ke inti.a .. pemenangnya adalaahhhh……




chukkae liaa cia cia ^^ kekekeke..

nehh aku tebar biodata + foto” dia.. download ne ~~ haha 😀


↪ full Name : Aprilia
↪ Nick Name : Lia, Lia Cia Cia, Licia, etc~
↪ chinese Name : Chang Jia Jia
↪ Age : 17 y.o now 🙂
↪ born : at Pontianak,  West Borneo, Indonesia 06-04-1995
↪ Stay : at Sintang / Pontianak, West Borneo, Indonesia
↪ sHio : Piggy
↪ Zodiac : Aries girl 🙂
↪ Blood Type : O

(◕‿-) My Hobby is :
❤- Modern dance
❤- Swimming ☆
❤- Traveling ☆
❤- Listening to music ☆☆
❤- Photography ☆
❤- Singing ☆
❤- Watching movies ☆
❤- Reading novels ☆
↳ YM : liaciacia@ymail.com
↳ Twitter : @LiaCiaCia ( https://twitter.com/LiaCiaCia )
↳ 1st FB : Lia Cia Cia ( https://www.facebook.com/liaciacia )
↳ 2nd FB : Lia ‘Cia Cia’ II ( private )
↳ My Page : Lia ‘Cia Cia’ ( http://www.facebook.com/pages/Lia-Cia-Cia/179991688712131 )
↳ Skype: lia.ciacia

↳ My Youtube : ( I wanna be with you ) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WS9B9p99g34&feature=g-all-u
unyu banget ne~
aku bonusin video waktu dia nyanyi I Wanna Be With You!!
bagus bgt ne suaranya.. unyu” lagi ^^

The Winner Of Ulzzang Contest Season #3



Annyeongg,,, lama nihh aku gak nongol.. biasa ngurus UTS 😀 hehehe

kali ini aku comeback bawa pemenang ulzzang contest nihh.. penasaran kan siapa orangnya?? hmm kasih tau gak yaaaa?? haha #plakkk

udahh ahh langsung ajaa, gausah banyak ketikan :p

pemenangnyaa adalahhhh



#respon : Ciyussss??? Enelan??? Cungguh??? Miapaaa??? #plakkk ><

hahaa, ini diaa biodata lengkapp diaa + fotonyaa 😀


Name: Xinhao Huang
born:Guangzhou, 1 october 1994
Live: Taiwan
Job: performers (agency-PK Yellow)
Study: NTU-Taiwan
Hobby: reading and making manga,,take a picture ,dance,eating,sleeping .
Height/weight: 180 cm,75 kg

FB: www.yelloe.lays(for random and fans)
www.yellow.lays(private.u just can subcribe)
Fanpage: https://www.facebook.com/HuangXinhaoofficial

Pesan : “aku stay di indonesia selama 5-8 tahun. it was nice  ”


cakepp ne~~ hehehe

chukkae yaa buat Xinhao ^^ semoga jadi Ulzzang Go Internasional 😀 kekeke~~ and mampir ke indo lagi ^^ hehe

[Ulzzang Zone] Ulzzang Contest Season #5

annyeongg… Ulzzang Contest kaya nya berakhir disini deh 😥 huhu.. soalnya, Season #5 ini jadi penutup Ulzzang Contest kali ini..

Yang belum masuk jadi participants jangan sedih yaa 🙂 lain kali kalo adminnya banyak, aku adain lagi deh Ulzzang Contest 🙂

Sekarang, candidat Ulzzang Season #5 kali ini adalaaahhhh…


1. Kim Natha


Nama  : Kim Natha
Tanggal lahir : 24 Desember 1998
Umur  : 13
Kota  : Bandung
Twitter : @nnathaliaa, [udah ga aktif di FB, kalo ada FB yang pake foto saya, itu bukan saya sekarang yang pakai, sekarang cuman aktif di twitter + bbm! tq :b]

2. Hafidzatul Azizah


Nama : Hafidzatul Azizah Fify Zizi
Tanggal Lahir : 22 September 1999
Umur : 12
Kota : Malang, Jawa Timur
twitter = https://twitter.com/Mihyunnniers

3. Nindra


Nama : Nindra
Tanggal Lahir : 20 juli 1995
Umur : 17 years old
Kota : Anyer ( west java)
Link facebook, twitter, blog : FaceBook : keyparkyoung@rocketmail.com
twitter : Nindra_027

4. Yoo Fian


Nama : yoo fian
Tanggal Lahir : 19 mei 1995
Umur : 17
Kota : jeparam jateng
akun jejaring sosial:
twitter : @hiimyooda
ulzzangasia : YooFian

5. Aprilia


Nama : Aprilia
Tanggal Lahir : 6 April 1995
Umur : 17
Kota : Pontianak

The Winner Of Ulzzang Contest Season #2

ekhmm. mian lama ngumumin pemenangnya coz ………. kasih tau gak yaaaaaa ? | kasih tau dong min !! | kepo loo :p | #SKIP -_____-


yaudah ah, langsung aja gak usah belibet (?) males ngetiknya tau 😛 kalian udah bisa nebak belom pemenangnyaaaa ?



pemenangnya adalaaahhhhhh…..







*prokk proookkkk* 😀

hehe, chukkae yaahhh.. :*


ini dia profil lengkap diaa !!



Real name : Park Min Mi (박민미)

Cyber World name : Emilyn Park
(u can call me Panda °\(^▼^)/° )

Place and Date of Birthday : Seoul, 1 May 1997

Live in : Pati, Central Java, Indonesia

Hometown : Cheongdam, Seoul, South Korea

Blood type : O

Hobby:  ✿Modern dance
✿Listening to music
✿Watching movies
✿Reading novels

Aspiration : Become professor, famous ulzzang, legend ulzzang, model and dancer.

Known as :
✿Student of SHS 1 Pati (SKS 4 semester)
✿PKS ’12
✿Korean fashion

Hate : Faker, Insect,Worm

Favorite color : Black, White and Purple

Favorite Idol or Ulzzang : Choi Siwon [Super Junior], Yoona [Girls’
Generation], Park Hyo Jin, Kim Shin Yeong

Real Web Account :
Facebook account : 1. http://www.facebook.com/emilyn407
2. http://www.facebook.com/newemilyn
Facebook fanpage : http://www.facebook.com/emilyn.park15
Twitter : http://www.twitter.com/emilyn407
Blog : emilyn-park.blogspot.com


nah, segitu aja deh fotonya, kalo mau lagi, contact aja sii min mi.a :p haha


[Ulzzang Zone] Ulzzang Contest Season 4

annyeonggg~~ mian yaa mimin jarang ngpost lagi.. coz netbook mimin sempet rusak jadi diservis dulu.. alhasil gallery season 4 and 5 yg udah admin buat ke format 😥

oh yaa, maaf yaa miannhaaeeee bgt.. aku kan cuma satu”nya mimin disini, jadi aku gak kuat buat ngurusin ulzzang contest lagi.. jadi aku bakal posting season 4 dan 5 aja yaa.. buat yang udah ngirim email maaf banget admin gabisa masukin lagi.. maaf banget yaa >.< #gebukmimin 😥

yaudah deh langsung ajaa yaa..

diseason 4 ini istimewa banget lhoooo *backsound chibi* haha.. coz ada yang tomboy sama ada cowo.a .. hehe season kmaren kan cwe semua yaa.. hihi

1. Kim Young

Nama : Kim Young

Tanggal Lahir : 01 June 1994

Umur : 18

Kota : Jakarta

Link facebook, twitter, blog : (http://www.facebook.com/YeoungUlzzang) (https://twitter.com/​kimYounggie0115) (http://me2day.net/​kimchun01)

2. Geby Dwikhanza


Nama : Geby Dwikhanza
Tanggal Lahir : 31 Agustus 2001
Umur : 10 menjelang 11
Kota : Jakarta
unyu yaa 😀

3. Xinhao


Nama : Huang xinhao
Tanggal Lahir :14 september 1994
Umur :17
Kota : current-Taiwan
Link facebook, twitter, blog : https://www.facebook.com/yelloe.lays (random,for fans and friend)
twitter: @yelloe_lays
dia pernah tinggal di indonesia 5th terus balik lagi ke taiwan..
wahh, kece badai..

4. Akane Riyoshi


Name: akane riyoshi
Tgl lhir: 4-12-’96
Umur: 15
City: cengkareng / jakbar
Fb: akane riyoshi
Tweet: rein akane

dia ulzzang tomboy

weww.. dia tomboy macho ternyata :O

5. CieLyn Beltham